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About Jackson Federal Savings & Loan

Jackson Federal Savings & Loan Association was chartered in 1892. Initially we were a 
state chartered institution and switched to a federal charter in the early 1980's. Unsure 
of the fate mutual associations would be subject to we formed a two-tier mutual holding 
company (mhc) in November of 1997.  This type of structure will allow the mhc to control 
the savings association and continue to operate as a mutual.
A mutual association is a corporation made up of members who are our customers.  We 
offer the same products and services as banks.  We differ from cooperatives and credit 
unions because we pay taxes. 
Jackson Federal is here to serve our local community and meet all their financial needs.  
We offer a full range of products and services to consumers and small businesses.  Our 
goal is to blend "personalized service" with technology and make you our customer.  Please 
contact us through our website or phone 507-847-4714. 



414 Second Street | P.O. Box 46 | Jackson, MN 56143
Phone :507.847.4714 | Fax: 507.847.4766
E-mail: jackfed@jacksonfederalsl.com